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Understand user behavior in Tableau
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Have you ever wondered how people use the shiny Tableau dashboards and how they interact with it?

We all thrive to create the most engaging, user-friendly dashboards based on feedback, but gathering detailed user behavior information at scale seemed to be an impossible challenge until now. With the power of Tableau Extensions, Starschema's Tableau Tracker enables you to easily measure and understand how people consume and interact with dashboards. Tableau Tracker can anonymously collect data like clicks and filter changes for every single user so you can create better visualizations and optimize performance.

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How Tableau Tracker Works

Anonymous data collection

Tableau Usage Tracker was built for the post-GDPR era, created with privacy by design in mind. It does not collect personally identifiable information from users like ID, name or email address.

Track every click in Tableau

Track and analyze filter changes, filter states, window size, workbook id, session time and more right within Tableau.

Pre-built Insights Dashboard

Understand behavior patterns instantly using the built-in dashboard created by Starschema's team of Data Visualization Heros.

Your Usage Data in your Tableau

Use our Web Data Connector to access your data and download our example workbook to see a sample tracking dataset in action.

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On-premise deployment

Tableau Tracker is a Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS). You can find the repository on Github. Please feel free to add your questions and suggestions as issues there.

About Starschema

Starschema is a big data service provider and technology innovator located in the United States and Hungary. Stuffed with the smartest tech people, our team enjoys solving the most complex data related challenges.

In the last 8 years, we’ve helped organizations of any size and industry utilize their data assets using visual analytics in Tableau. By constantly pushing and exceeding the limits of Tableau products to satisfy our customers, our CEO Tamás Földi has been named Zen Master for being the White-hat hacker of Tableau.